Welcome to the protopg Project Home Page

Protopg is a parser/translator that helps to migrate Oracle(TM) SQL and PL/SQL statements to PostgreSQL syntax.
It is (C) 2004 Aalborg University (Denmark) and released under the GPL. The authors are Chris Mair (chris at 1006 dot org) and Aleksej Struk (astruk at gmail dot com).
As of 2006 the project is no longer maintained. A tarball of the source code with instructions on building and usage as well as examples can be downloaded here.

The protopgproject is a PostgreSQL Community project that is a part of the pgFoundry.

The pgFoundry page for the project is at http://pgfoundry.org/projects/protopg, where you can find downloads, documentation, bug reports, mailing lists, and a whole lot more.

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